glN64 v0.4.1
Monday, August 18, 2003
  • Fixed a problem involving status bars and GeForces
  • Fixed a bug that occured when taking a screenshot when hardware framebuffer textures were enabled
  • Fixed a bug in the texture cache that could cause slow speed, and eventual freezing
  • Fixed a bug that caused refresh rates not to be saved
  • Removed some debugging code left in the texture cache that was causing a loss in speed
  • Improved microcode detection, there should now be fewer unknown microcode errors
  • Added an option for dithered alpha since it's slow on some Radeons, and fine on others
  • Added detection and adjustment for the 1964 toolbar

Download glN64 v0.4.1: Binary (91K), Source (144K)

  glN64 v0.4
Tuesday, August 12, 2003
  • Shortened the name (I got tired of all the typing :-P )
  • Rewrote ~80% of the plugin
  • Added hardware framebuffer textures (still experimental)
  • Recompiled combine modes are now cached
  • Greatly improved non-GeForce combiner
  • Slightly improved GeForce combiner
  • Combiner compilers are now automatically selected
  • Added support for line drawing microcodes (Line3D, L3DEX, and L3DEX2)
  • Added support for Diddy Kong Racing/Jet Force Gemini/Mickey's Speedway microcodes
  • Added partial support for sprite microcodes (S2DEX and S2DEX2)
  • Added support for Perfect Dark microcode
  • Changed microcode detection method
  • Added internal near-clipping for NoN (non near-clipping) microcodes
  • Added smarter depth buffer clearing
  • Added support for screenshot saving
  • Added selectable texture bit depth
  • Moved configuration from an INI file to the registry
  • And many other changes as a result of the rewrite...

Download glN64 v0.4: Binary (92K), Source (147K)

  glNintendo64() Version 0.3.1
Saturday, March 1, 2003
  • Fixed a stupid bug that was causing crashes in several F3DEX games
  • Fixed another stupid bug that could cause crashes due to invalid number of lights
  • Changed some build options that may increase speed a bit

Download glNintendo64() v0.3.1: Binary (65K), Source (114K)

  glNintendo64() Version 0.3
Friday, February 28, 2003
  • First open source release
  • Rewrote combiner (twice)
  • New combiner translates N64 combine modes into native combiner
  • Now has two combiner recompilers to choose from; GeForce and OpenGL 1.4
  • No longer adjusts texture coords for filtered TexRects when clamping is enabled
  • Enables and disables texture stages based on combiner (more reliable method)
  • Now only enables alpha testing for threshold mode, not dithered
  • Added fullscreen support
  • Added support for second texture
  • Added support for F3DEX2 ForceMatrix
  • Added support for changing light color with MoveWord in F3DEX2
  • Added support for texture coordinate shifts
  • Added support for S2DEX BG_Copy command
  • Added support for fog (still a tad buggy)
  • Added partial support for ModifyVtx (only vertex color and texture coordinates so far)
  • Added very hacked and partial support for dithered alpha testing (Mario 64 dissolve effect)
  • Added more error checking in LoadTile and LoadBlock (fixes freezing in Zelda 64)
  • Added partial support for noise in combiner (won't work in all cases yet)
  • Added 2xSaI texture filtering
  • Added partial support for forced blender modes
  • Fixed stupid palette selection bug (fixes most of the bad textures in many games)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong tile to be used on some textured rectangles
  • Fixed a bug that caused the color buffer to be cleared along with the depth buffer
  • Fixed a bug that disabled all lights if one had an invalid direction
  • Changed the way the window is sized in windowed mode (doesn't clip off parts anymore)
  • Improved TexRect texture coordinate generation (again)
  • Improved texture size computation, should be nearly always correct now
  • Improved CRC checking in texture cache, it's much more accurate (and effective) now
  • Removed limit on number of textures that can be cached - is now only limited by actual size
  • Improved OpenGL state management (slight speed improvement)
  • Improved display list culling
  • Many other fixes, tweaks, and additions that I've forgotten about over the months...

Download glNintendo64() v0.3: Binary (65K), Source (95K)

  glNintendo64() Version 0.2.1
Tuesday, July 30, 2002
  • Added some error checking to LoadTile and LoadBlock commands (doesn't crash as much anymore)
  • Fixed a matrix bug in the F3DEX2 microcode
  • More fixes to mirroring and clamping (still not quite right though)
  • Some slight optimizations to texture loading
  • Now forces clamping to on when mask is set to 0 (fixes some alignment problems)

Download glNintendo64() v0.2 (52K)

  glNintendo64() Version 0.2
Sunday, July 28, 2002

What's new:

  • Completely rewrote texture loading
  • Added support for 4-bit I, 8-bit I, 4-bit CI and 8-bit CI textures
  • Full TMem emulation (should be about perfect)
  • Fixed up wrapping/mirroring/clamping support (still needs some work)
  • No longer requires IBM_MIRRORED_REPEAT extension for texture mirroring (one step closer to supporting non-GeForce cards)
  • Greatly improved texture cache, it now throws out old textures instead of filling up, plus many other improvements
  • Now you can set the amount of memory you want the texture cache to use
  • Transformation and lighting are now performed internally (fixes many problems)
  • Greatly improved TexRect texture coordinate generation
  • Some optimizations; all matrix operations, color conversions, and TMem emulation are done in assembler now
  • Added support for F3DEX, F3DEX2 and Fast3D EXT (or whatever you call it) microcodes
  • Automatic microcode detection (not extensively tested, can be bypassed in config dialog)
  • Support for RDP SetOtherMode command, and fixes for F3DEX2 SetOtherMode commands
  • Many more combine modes, and fixes to existing ones
  • Speaking of the config dialog, I've added one. Note that the disabled items aren't implemented yet
  • The plug-in now creates an INI file the plugins folder for saving configuration
  • Moved all OpenGL handling and emulation to a seperate thread (hoping to fix ROM browser freezing)
  • PJ64 ROM browser freezing nearly fixed, but it still happens sometimes (if anyone can help me with this, please do!)
  • Reflection mapping much better now (see Mario's head and stars)
  • Alot more I can't remember...

Download glNintendo64() v0.2 (51K)

  glNintendo64() Version 0.1
Thursday, May 16, 2002

What's new:

  • First release under new name
  • Using DrawElements now, should be slightly faster
  • More Set/ClearGeometryMode modes supported
  • More SetOtherMode_L and SetOtherMode_H stuff implemented
  • Support for 4-bit IA, 8-bit IA, 16-bit IA, 16-bit RGBA, and 32-bit RGBA textures (not always correct)
  • Support for non-power-of-2 textures
  • Support for LoadBlock texture loading
  • Preliminary support for LoadTile texture loading (still pretty buggy, look at Mario Kart to see it in action)
  • Started working on full tmem emulation (when finished, it should eliminate all texture bugs)
  • Very basic texture caching (still needs lots of work)
  • Very hacked in (read slow) combiner support using NV_combine_registers extension
  • Unfortunately, the NV_register_combiners extension is required for combine mode support (sorry non-nVidia owners, this requirement will be lifted later on)
  • Very incorrect spherical mapping (only really works on metal-head Mario)
  • TexRects now supported (texture coordinates not always correct yet)
  • Moved DP interrupt generation to FullSync (don't know if it helps anything, but it's more correct)
  • With all the new stuff, speed is starting to suffer some (needs lots of optimization)
  • Alot more I can't remember...

Download glNintendo64() v0.1 (37K)

  Orkin's OpenGL Version 0.01a
Saturday, April 20, 2002

First release. Only triangles and lighting supported.

Download Orkin's OpenGL (26K)